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        10 Years Trusted Company
        To Make Your Digital Life Easier

        WE FOCUS ON

        Video Converting

        First, best and expert in audio and video converter software. Help to remove the differences of different media file formats.

        Device Management

        Do more than iTunes. Give your full control of music, movie and other resources on your iPod, iPhone and iPad.

        Online Video Collecting

        Make YouTube and other online videos your personal collections. Watch them in any devices, everywhere and on the go.

        Video Editing

        Help you to make creative video. Improve the personal and business video creations.

        Audio Editing

        Easily make your audios creative and special. Enrich your life.

        Disc Creating And Burning

        Make your own CD, DVD, Blu-ray DVD just like an expert.


        Video Converter Ultimate

        Convert common and HD/3D videos/audios in 160+ formats to play on all kinds of devices like iPad/iPhone, Apple TV, Galaxy, HTC One, etc.

        iPhone Magic Platinum

        Complete solutions to transfer, backup and manage iPhone/iPad/iPod contents, convert videos and download online videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

        HEVC/H.265 Converter

        Convert almost all popular video to HEVC/H.265 format, and vice versa. Extract audio and picture from video is available. Support iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android device.

        OUR AWARDS


        "It is on the high side of premium video converters for home use. It automatic profiles enhanced for just any device or format, graphics card detection and acceleration. "


        "Xilisoft Video Converter couldn't be easier to use. All pertinent options are easily discernible and readily available from the main screen."

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